Frequently Asked Questions

A public adjuster is a state licensed insurance adjuster hired by an individual or business to maximize the benefit stated in the terms of the insurance policy.

Insurance policies are complex and it is up to you to prove your loss. The adjuster’s sent out by your insurance company are either directly employed by the insurance company or are contracted “independent” adjusters who typically work exclusively for insurance companies. These adjusters are actively trained to settle claims, by paying you the proper amount as they interpret it . Guardian American Public Adjusters work exclusively for you — the insured. Our efforts are exclusively dedicated to protect your interests.

We charge a small percentage of what we recover for you with no up front fees. We get paid when you get paid. If you don’t get paid, you owe us nothing. The good news is we almost always increase your settlement by more than the cost of our fees – many times over.

Florida law protects your right to hire a public adjuster. Insurance companies can not drop you, or raise your rates because you decided to hire a public adjuster.

A typical insurance policy contains thousands of lines of terms & conditions and various forms of endorsements that are constantly changing. The average person does not have the time to understand, let alone keep up with, all these contractual conditions. This typically results in the insured yielding to pressure and accepting a settlement which is less than what they deserve, and this may even be an illegal act by the insurer. Second, it is imperative to present the facts surrounding the loss clearly to ensure your policy will provide coverage. Failure to do so can result in the claim being denied altogether and/or paying far less than the proper settlement amount. Guardian American Public Adjusters will bring about a fair and reasonable settlement. A settlement dictated by the language in your policy, not some loose interpretation that works against you.

Guardian American offers a free consultation and/or inspection to determine if your claim settlement was sufficient. By law, you have up to five years re-open a claim investigation to receive a justified supplemental claim payment.

No. Most insurance agents are focused on selling insurance, and do not have the necessary experience or knowledge of the claims settlement process to be relied upon for this purpose. Moreover, they have a conflict of interest in acting on your behalf as they effectively work for your insurance company. The time to rely on your insurance agent is before the loss, utilizing their experience in providing the right kind and quantity of insurance coverage.

Yes. It’s important that you have a public adjuster by your side when the insurance company’s adjuster is inspecting the damage. Your public adjuster will know whether the insurance adjuster is following the correct procedures. Moreover, your public adjuster will document all conversations, written correspondence, events, and activities to ensure your insurance company complies with all Florida State Statutes that govern their activities..

Yes. There are many circumstances where this holds true.

Certainly, in fact, most insurance claim examiners prefer to work with public adjusters because they are experts in the industry. This is especially true for business interruption claims.

It should be noted that Building Contractors are NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, let alone adjust your claim in any way, unless they go through the same State Certified Public Adjuster licensing process. In addition, it is a conflict of interest for Guardian American to take a fee for any contracting and construction management services related to the repair of any property that we were hired to handle as Public Adjusters. However, one of the true benefits of using Guardian American is that we will apply our construction management and contracting expertise throughout the claim settlement process, free of charge.

Public adjusters are one of only two parties that are allowed by law to represent and pursue another party’s interest in an insurance claim. Attorneys represent the second party legally allowed to represent you, and they often refer clients back to public adjusters for a number of reasons. The bottom line is that attorneys handle law suits, which in most cases, is not necessary to reach a fair and equitable claim settlement.

Most policyholder’s don’t realize that Public Adjusters are actively supported by attorneys because they prefer to handle claims that have been managed by a Public Adjusters. Attorneys are obligated to show the courts that all other methods to settle a claim dispute have been exhausted, before continuing litigation. Unfortunately, while it is sometimes necessary, suing your insurance company to obtain a settlement can delay payment to you for months and sometimes years.

Claims We Cover

Denied or Mis-Handled Claims

Business Interruption

Equipment Failure

Condominium and Homeowner Association Claims

Builder’s Risk

Roof Leaks – Water Damage

Pipe Breaks – Plumbing Damage

Sewer Backup

Collapse – Decay – Vibration

Mold – Flooding – Water Damage


Asbestos – Pollutants

Wind – Hail – Tornado

Sinkhole Claims

Smoke – Fire Damage

Air Conditioning – Dishwater – Appliances Failure


Power Outage

Theft – Vandalism