1. Understand that you, the “insured” or “policyholder” have specific duties to perform immediately following a loss. Not adhering to these duties can be construed as a breach of contract and may further complicate the process of getting paid for your claim.
  2. DO NOT throw anything away as it may be the critical piece of evidence required to prove your loss is covered by your insurance.
  3. DO NOT assume the loss you are dealing with is too small or is simply not covered by your policy. Surprisingly, many valid losses go unclaimed.
  4. If possible, after securing the safety of you and your family, make a reasonable effort to mitigate any additional damage if it is within your means.
  5. In an emergency, make sure you call the RIGHT emergency response service company. There are many unqualified companies out there that can compound the damages and further complicate your claim recovery.

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Claims We Cover

Denied or Mis-Handled Claims

Business Interruption

Equipment Failure

Condominium and Homeowner Association Claims

Builder’s Risk

Roof Leaks – Water Damage

Pipe Breaks – Plumbing Damage

Sewer Backup

Collapse – Decay – Vibration

Mold – Flooding – Water Damage


Asbestos – Pollutants

Wind – Hail – Tornado

Sinkhole Claims

Smoke – Fire Damage

Air Conditioning – Dishwater – Appliances Failure


Power Outage

Theft – Vandalism