Guardian American will establish and protect your claim, accurately document your loss, properly submit your claim, and strategically negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

More Specifically:

  • Review your insurance policy language in detail.
  • Ensure that you comply with any duties and obligations as called out in your policy. Examples include mitigating further losses and performing your contractual  obligations within the necessary timeframes.
  • Work as your consumer advocate, representing you at all meetings and inspections required by your insurance company.
  • Perform comprehensive evaluation of your loss, documenting, and substantiating every aspect of your claim, including quantifying structural damage, personal property depreciation, valuation, loss of rental revenue, and additional living expenses.
  • Submit and support a formal repair estimate and proof of loss to your insurer.
  • Aggressively follow up to ensure the settlement process remains expedited.
  • When necessary, assemble the appropriate team of engineers, cost specialists, attorneys, specialty contractors, and appraisers as required to further substantiate your claim.
  • Settle your claim at an amount which represents every last dollar you deserve. Throughout the entire process, we painstakingly document all conversations, written correspondence, events, and activities to ensure your insurance company complies with all Florida State Statutes that govern their activities. This also memorializes the entire history of the claim, optimizing your position for “last resort” litigation.

Claims We Cover

Denied or Mis-Handled Claims

Business Interruption

Equipment Failure

Condominium and Homeowner Association Claims

Builder’s Risk

Roof Leaks – Water Damage

Pipe Breaks – Plumbing Damage

Sewer Backup

Collapse – Decay – Vibration

Mold – Flooding – Water Damage


Asbestos – Pollutants

Wind – Hail – Tornado

Sinkhole Claims

Smoke – Fire Damage

Air Conditioning – Dishwater – Appliances Failure


Power Outage

Theft – Vandalism